Drink alcohol? Not even one favorable opinion!

@alberello75 (19376)
Genova, Italy
February 7, 2016 12:57pm CST
On my question relating to alcohol, well I have already said enough! But in this "summary", I could make just a statistic on the opinion of the people, to prove who among them has been favorable or contrary to the consumption of alcohol. Not much to say. More or less a hundred people, who have directly seen me with the bottle in my hand, or I told them that drink alcohol. Result: 100% of "interviewees" said that I have NOT to drink alcoholic beverages! Most people however, saw me directly drink beer. What was their threat that they however, have done? Simple, their sentence was "I will tell your father!" With this they expected that my father therefore took the measures, about this problem! However, he has always been opposed on the fact that I drink, sometimes even threatened me (with good manners!). With my father here, then another person who says, NO alcohol! They are right? Well, YES!
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