Today's political funnies from Nevada and South Carolina.

@Telynor (1325)
United States
February 20, 2016 10:50pm CST
J and I spent part of the late afternoon watching the political returns from Nevada and South Carolina As we expected, Trump won South Carolina, with Rubio and Cruz still slugging it out in second place. Clinton won the Nevada caucuses, but not by the double digits that she had expected against Sanders. My money is still on Sanders -- I like what he says, and he isn't taking corporate money. He's also someone who speaks his mind without being offensive about it. But Trump frankly, scares me. Here's a businessman who has gone through multiple bankruptcies (four at last count), spews vitriolic, racist hate when he speaks, hates women, and he's still pushing that damn wall. What bothers me is this thought -- Who is he clearing the path for? He's really not presidential material. He can't filter his speech. He knows nothing of law or leadership -- telling people to do it or be fired. That's not how to lead people at all. Cruz may -- and probably not legible for -- being president. It's something slimy about him that makes my skin crawl. And there's Rubio -- his anti-abortion stance and evangelical fervour drive me away. But -- Jeb Bush dropped out! Thank god, the idea of a third Bush in the White House is pretty dreadful. So my mind has been bouncing around with all of this tonight.
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@teamfreak16 (41409)
• Colorado Springs, Colorado
21 Feb 16
Bernie all the way!
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@marlina (77856)
• Canada
21 Feb 16
I am Canadian but if I were an American voter I would go for Bernie.