I am adding lemon juice to my morning ice water.

Dallas, Texas
March 27, 2016 9:05am CST
I have slept with my mouth open all night, snoring and now my throat is sore. I hate the allergies but March is the start of seasonal allergies and I am a real candidate for allergy sufferer of the year. So I will take a Claritin and sip on some cold iced water with a tad bit of lemon. I found one way to conquer the sugar craves in iced tea. I make it like I usually do but instead of adding sugar I add a teaspoonful of lemon juice concentrate. I stir this concoction and dip slowly on the elixir from lemon land. It satisfies my thirst whilst not making me gain any weight. After a few years I may lose a pound or two. Diet cola? no way. No cola is the only way to kick the sugar monster in you. I have been drinking coke since I was a baby. I also admit that I have been as addicted to soft drinks as I have in my earlier years been a fond beer drinker. When I told my doctor last week I did not drink or smoke, he replied, "I am running out of things to ask." That was a compliment.
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• United States
27 Mar 16
Good you dont indulge in drinking and smoking... I wish I could do the lemon juice in water, but I have a condition unfortunately that wont let me.