Odd encounter.

@xFiacre (10467)
April 11, 2016 4:38pm CST
A mad, French-Canadian trumpeter of my acquaintance came into view this afternoon as I was rushing to get somewhere. Where I first met him I can't remember, but of this I am certain, he's as mad as a March hare and he has the appearance to match it. He looks like Professor Pat Pending out of the Wacky Races.<br> I tried in vain to disappear into a vegetable shop to avoid an in depth conversation about the weather which neither of us would enjoy, but we were fated to collide and ten minutes can seem like a very long time when you can't think up a plausible reason for having to rush away. Just saying.
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@pgntwo (21708)
• Derry, Northern Ireland
11 Apr 16
And it's no surprise how many cauliflowers that greengrocer sells to unwary evaders in a week...
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@josie_ (5095)
• Philippines
12 Apr 16
I don't have your problem. It's the other way around for me. People try to avoid me.
@JudyEv (100578)
• Bunbury, Australia
11 Apr 16
I've dodged around a few displays from time to time trying to avoid people.
@Corbin5 (81435)
• United States
11 Apr 16
You will have to work on your plausible reasons for escape and commit them to memory just in case!