Chaotic world

@maxen07 (887)
April 19, 2016 11:30am CST
Hunger Games. Divergent. Maze Runner. The Fifth Wave. What do all these movies have in common? They are all post-apocalyptic genres with kids, teens and young adults in the midst of chaos trying to survive the roles given to them. Trying to survive each other. It's all interesting to see what our generation would do if something big happened all of sudden and we are plunged into terror. The best (or worse?) Hollywood can come up with nowadays is kids trying to fill in the shoes of adults to be the saving grace of the next generation. I don't see that happening in this generation but maybe, just maybe, the next ones. These movies didn't shock me anymore because I've seen Battle Royale first. Yep, that Japanese movie where a group of rebels kidnapped a busload of high school students out on a filed trip where the whole class was made to distrust each other. It's been very graphic, like blood everywhere, that the first four movies mentioned looked like a three to Battle Royale's eleven in the violence category. I would hate for anything like that to start while my son is growing up. There's a whole heap of us common people and very few of the ones controlling us. To divide all of us is the easiest way to conquer. What do you think is happening now?
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@cherriefic (4805)
• Philippines
19 Apr 16
It's actually amaze me to see these kind of movies.
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@oshi2388 (206)
• India
19 Apr 16
Now a days fantasy movies are coming more
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