Safety First!

United States
April 19, 2016 5:21pm CST
I'll admit that I get distracted sometimes. I also admit that I'm no fan of AT&T but this video hits the nail on the head. Over my lifetime I've known people who lost their lives due to a failure to remain attentive by drivers or in a work environment. My brother was hit by a car long before cell phones. But for the driver of the car being aware of their entire surroundings I might have a brother today. I lost him when I was 5. I lost my sister because of a blind intersection. but for both drivers being aware of where that intersection was in respect to where they were, I might still have a sister. I lost her when I was a teen. I still have one sister, but the point is that we all can be more aware of our surroundings. Being more aware when we are driving, walking,or simply going about life is a small price if it saves someone else or ourselves from life changing events. I ask you to watch this video. After watching it I have a challenge. I challenge you to write about one area of your life that you will work on being more aware of your surroundings. This is a challenge to share 3 things. 1. Personal experiences involving a lack of attention. 2. What area you will work on being less distracted. 3. How this challenge made you change your perspective. Now it is your turn. Share your story with me.
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@Jessicalynnt (47879)
• Centralia, Missouri
20 Apr 16
Not blaming them for being hit, before I say this, but I know pedestrians can often be more aware too, esp now when people have their noses stuck in their phones
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@jstory07 (72306)
• Roseburg, Oregon
22 Apr 16
I am always on the outlook for bad drivers when I drive.
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