Sideline Phone App Review Day 1

United States
May 13, 2016 7:27pm CST
A question was asked about how it could be free by @DWDavis and now I can answer it. It has ads that come up for the person using the free version of the app. There is a flat fee based version that removes the advertisements, but why do that when the ads are very very minimal. It does not interfere with the app functionality. So here are day one experiences. 1. I tested it for calling use and found it to be as good as my main carrier provides for the extra number. 2. I tested the texting and likewise it works well. 3. It is very functional and easy to use with all the functions you could use on a second line. Interestingly it has it's own voice mail system and allows you to set it up with your own message. It also has only one failure in my eyes (not a real one so far), If you reject the call it goes to your personal voice mail. You can silence the ring and let it go to Voice mail for the second line. It only rings 3 or 4 times before it goes there on it's own. Over all I am pleased with it so far.
Sidelineā„¢ is the free 2nd number for your smartphone. It uses your existing carrier network so your 2nd number works anywhere your cell phone does.
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