Where Oh Where Has the Courtesy Gone? O' Where Oh Where Can It Be?

@sulynsi (2836)
May 20, 2016 9:05am CST
I know everyone is busy. I get that I'm NOT the centre of anyone else's universe. Yep, I can live with that. I am not a princess. However, when you ADVERTISE for response, even if you don't choose my offer or my candidacy, would it KILL you to at least send me a 'Dear Respondent' letter? Just let me know you got my email and thanks, but we found someone else. I signed up to a site that swaps temporary accommodation for house sitting or pet sitting (or both) (no, not sitting ON the pet, just in case there is any confusion) I offered to 'sit' for three of four different homeowners. Not even one has even bothered to just send a courtesy email, stating they got my email and thank you but they've already chosen someone else. I mean, when I posted to sell stuff, yeah, I got a lot of replies, but I always responded 'thank you for your interest, but xxxx is already sold' I even admit to a few cut and pastes, but that is better than nothing! Where has courtesy gone? Or maybe, they are scared because they saw my picture!!!
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