Whoya callin' Trailer Traaaaaaaash???!!!

@Wordly1 (477)
Kingston, New Hampshire
May 29, 2016 3:23pm CST
You see it on the Internet News and Comments every day..."Oooooh, you're one'o'them!". You talk about discrimination. Next to Racism, there is no worse form of Bigotry than that directed at people who live in Mobile Homes. Mobile home is a term reminiscent of days long past when Gypsies and other 'nomads' would travel from place to place in mini-homes built on a trailer and cooking their meals on the roadside. I'll grant that, even today, mobile homes still have wheels which can be used to take them to their final destination; usually a mobile home(trayyyyyyler paaaaark[spoken through the nose]) park. The residents of these 'parks' are looked down upon as the lowest form at the bottom of the barrel of society. Are there criminals and undesirable characters living in those parks? Yes of course, as there are in many other neighborhoods. But, contrary to what bigots would have you believe, these misfits are far less in numbers than in many so called respectable home(hewwwwwme[with the proper flair])owner neighborhoods where an untold amount of drug dealing, wife-beating, pedophilia, incest and crime in general takes place and manages to stay undercover. Mobilehome residents are, like everyone else, mostly people who earn a living and made a choice to live within their means. Do they pay property taxes? Yes, and plenty as evidenced by the constant rise in park fees. Sooooo...Those who live in glass houses...yadyadyada...
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@trivia79 (7887)
• El Segundo, California
30 May 16
they are still people and they should be treated as humans.
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