Sentimental Things

@RasmaSandra (19080)
Daytona Beach, Florida
June 6, 2016 1:42pm CST
What are some sentimental things which you have kept all of your life? I had a little baby blanket which was white with blue stripes. That blanket lasted for a number of years and then it had gotten so worn it just had to be either thrown away or used as a rag. Of course, sentimental me took a piece and saved it. I still have that piece today. Then as a teenager I had a summer blanket with light and dark green checks. That blanket lasted through so many years that finally it would up being tattered. The last piece of that blanket I still have tied around a stuffed dog. Yes, I still have some stuffed animals which I find comforting as well. Besides blankets I also had a pair of pajamas which had stripped pants and the top had a picture of a lion with sparkling glass eyes. I loved those pajamas and mom had a heck of a time getting me to give them up to the wash. Anyway I thought that those pajamas had been gone for a long time until I found them in an old trunk. I still have them just for sentimental reasons. Also I have a well worn and washed old gray jumper from my childhood days with me still. Finally you will never believe this or perhaps you will. I still have the white dress I was christened in all those many years ago along with the baby shoes. It’s really amazing the sentimentality we attach to things but to me it’s kind of comforting it really is.
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@MGjhaud (20679)
• Philippines
7 Jun 16
ive got a lot of them -- one pillow i wont give up for more than 10yrs now, tickets for everything/everywhere, clothes my mom made when i was young, etc..
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• Jacksonville, Florida
6 Jun 16
I kept my Donald Duck stuffed animals for many years but in a move when I was 19 he was misplaced. =( I do have my wedding dress in my mom's house and I will forever keep that as well.
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@Corbin5 (113218)
• United States
6 Jun 16
Those sentimental items we cherish certainly do bring comfort. I have the outfit our son, now age 32, wore when we brought him home for the hospital. I have my father's toys here and the medals he was awarded as a navy fighter pilot in WWII. I have pieces of my mother's jewelry too. Some things are just meant to pass down to family members.
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