I felt like drinking today.. but didn't!

@EddieHands (35488)
United States
June 16, 2016 5:21pm CST
Well friends were going to come over today. I was going to have one beer. But then I thought I will go get some beer even if they didn't come. But no, I will not drink a beer alone. I might just have one on the weekend with my friend. But I feel happy and in a good mood without beer. So I didn't go out to get one! I will just have more coffee.. then making a relax tea. I know if I drink I don't get much done.. and then I feel lazy.. and sleepy. I also need to cook. so no drinking. Also I do not want to feel bad in the morning. Also I am a baby. My mom says babies don't drink beer.. so you should not drink it. She has a point there.
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