waoo old music is always touch your heart

June 23, 2016 12:30pm CST
hii now i am listen some of old music really that touch my heart ... i love to listen to the music . and i also lke all type of music .. like pop , rock ,jaj dj and dance type music .. but old songs are really very nice
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@yani73 (829)
• Pakanbaru, Indonesia
24 Jun 16
I just like slowly music It can touch my heart when i get bored
• India
25 Jun 16
yes, you are right .... slowly music is touch our heart specially in case when we feel bore and sad
@JediYoda (1714)
• Samoa
2 May 17
You are right on this. Old song are very good. Good voice and melodies and very romantic. What old song do you like?
@TopRear (52)
24 Jun 16
Agreed. There is a saying that easy access laptop created music killed the industry. Seems true now that it's way harder to genuinely start doing something unique than picking up a piece of free software, slap some templates on it and call it a day. That's why there's a lot of copy paste stuff happening right now. That's why we need old music, which was created back when people cared about what they were doing.
@solitary (261)
24 Jun 16
I prefer soft music .