Being Dysnumerate (or Dyscalculia)

@tallawah (9963)
Kingston, Jamaica
August 2, 2016 6:37pm CST
You've all heard of dyslexia. Most of you don't know about Dysnumeracy. That is when you mix up numbers and don't realise it. For example; I can not write a cheque. The last cheque I wrote was dated May 11, 1849. (It was not 1849, it was 1984). Anyway, when you know this about yourself, that you are not just 'bad at math' but are so wired as you can't comprehend numbers, you go to logic. For example, you can't calculate, but you can logically figure out that this scale can't be right. If site 'A' gets 1,000,000 views and you need six views to make 1c, this can work. But if a site gets 100,000 views then you would need 60 views to make that 1c. When a site claims to pay for this and that and the next thing, it is more than likely it is running a Ponzi... That is, everyone gets paid the first time, at least 1/5th never get their second payout, and this figure keeps increasing. It has to, because in every payout, a number of people have to be left out and their earnings fill the pockets of others. By best friend, who is dyslexic never makes a mistake when he reads. For example, on another site I published Freud's Psychological Test, without calling his name. A lot of people on Reddit, (a must miss) attacked me for the test. I asked Forge, (my best friend) about the test. He said; "This test had to be written many years ago, because there is no technology. It deals with basic symbolism. I would guess this test was one of the first of its kind, and was created by Freud."
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