My friend is a little like me. He made me feel better.

@sharon6345 (147918)
United States
August 10, 2016 9:28pm CST
I was just changing my bedding when he called to say he was coming over. So I was not finished with the pillows by the time he arrived. As he went to sit down I said,oh let me move those pillows for you. I gave him two smaller ones to lean on. He said I like those pillows. I said,sorry those and Ralph lauren pillows no one uses them. He then went on about me being ocd. Which was not cool with me. As he was at the bathroom sink a little later.. I was then dumping the water from my washing machine. He said could you do me a favor I said,yes sure he asked could I wipe off the toilet seat for him. Right then I felt so much better. I got the clorox wipe and wipe the toilet and walked out. He can't ever call me ocd again. Who asks a person to wipe off the toilet before they use it. Not me I wipe it myself. He is a little more ocd than he might realize. He made my day. The clorox wipe sit right by the toilet so he could have done that on his own. Would you ask someone to wipe the seat before you went to use it? I would not and he calls me ocd. he can't dare not ever again.
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@Hatley (164450)
• Garden Grove, California
11 Aug 16
It seems to me he is the one with ocd and he was out of bounds with that assumption too
@GardenGerty (105495)
• United States
11 Aug 16
Ha ha, you are both funny and if you can laught at yourselves and each other that is great.