Chinese fitness dancing, Chinese Square Dance

Guangzhou, China
August 11, 2016 8:23pm CST
Square Dance is the art of dance in the largest system, because many gathered in the square named after the self-entertainment and financial performance as a whole, with the main group dance performances, to the entertainment, the main purpose. Square dance in public places by the people spontaneously organized, mostly the elderly participants, among which the majority of women. Square Dance is a dance created by the masses, is exclusively the people dance, because dance Square Dance in different forms so different ethnic groups different geographical, groups are also different. Square dancing is popular in recent years, the so called modern dance, modern dance fitness city people, many of which are generally square dance combined with modern pop choreography factors, and so modern lives. Square Dance [4] is the art of dance in one of the largest child. China has more than fifty nationalities, single Chinese nation has had hundreds of thousands of square dance forms. Every nation has its own unique form of dance square, dancing almost all over the country every corner. Take Shanxi speaking, the county has its own square dance, every village has a square dance activities. So to talk about the square dance in China and the world is a very important art form. Many people say that folk dance, this is an incorrect statement. Square Dance performances should be divided, and should not be divided from the dance categories. Social development, the art of dance is also developing. People used to square dance as a kind of dance to define itself as a narrow definition. I think square dancing is a form of performance, rather than a kind of dance, but dance folk dance in the square relatively large proportion of it. Of course, it has its own square dance performances and structural characteristics. In today's square dance forms using various types of dance dance. Such as Shanxi, held for the fourth Square festival, there have been folk, ballet, modern dance, and so many dance programs. These dances are very suitable for performances Square. But whatever it is called Square Dance Dance is also regarded inappropriate. What is Square Dance talk clearly we have to start from square dance features. Dance Square Dance Is the oldest art forms. Dance long before human language has not been generated, humans use to communicate feelings dance, to celebrate the victory. The use of dance forms to missionary work and the way totemic beliefs, religious witchcraft ritual activities and performance needs of their own emotional thinking inherent conflict. On today in our country there are many ethnic minorities are still in use. Such as: Hubei Tujia still in with a dance form tells their past and history. Square dancing has a long history. According to research art historian, art earliest humans is dance, dance and square dance is the mother. Square dance from social life, resulting in among the masses, the masses are square dance creators and performers. In the course of history, the people not only to create a square dance, square dance and developed, so that the flower of folk art deeply rooted in the social life of the masses. As people's consciousness, extensive participation and increase awareness of cultural square activities, square dance is increasingly subject to the community's concern and attention. Urban cultural life become indispensable form and content. Square Dance is the art of dance in the largest subset. Square dancing has its own unique set of performances and structural characteristics, and China in more than fifty national and which produce tens of thousands of square dance forms, each nation will have their own national characteristics. Dance is the oldest art forms. People create a square dance, square dance also developed such that folk art has been developed, and gradually in the masses of life took root. Lu Xun once said, enjoy the special nature of the United States, that immediacy. Lost the "directness", will inevitably affect the damage "enjoy the beauty." Square dancing is not in the theater performances, theater stage curtain show the audience and actors to isolate; stage performance area is divided into zones and the audience appreciate the audience and actors separately. The square is in the audience and dance performances, the actors face the audience directly least three performances, the actors and the audience can communicate directly. The stage and the audience is one of the audience and actors mingle, blend, so that the audience has a special feeling. This is the first feature square dance. Folding collective Square Dance is the mass participation of highly performing art form. Group dance performers are to appear, ranging from dozens to several hundred people. Fire scene lively. Square dance performances must be in the square, Venues are generally relatively wide, the number of performances not too little. It is generally in the form of square dance group dance to performance. In the extensive grounds of the performances mostly they do not have solo dance, pas de deux, three dance forms to perform. So group dance is the third feature of the square. Folding self-entertainment Since Square Dance produce self-entertainment are the main features of the square dance. When people are not required to participate in Square Dancing fame, entirely for self-entertainment. Such as fire alarm fifteenth, when morning exercise square dance, most people are spontaneous performances. It is to use dance to express feelings of art, so that the dancers inner feelings to vent, a sense of joy spirits. At the same time the viewer can get the spirit of enjoyment. This allows the dancers to give the opportunity of self-expression, a sense of self-worth. This is the decision of the Square Dance from entertaining reason. This is the square dance since produced enduring reasons. In summary, the square dance is for self-entertainment and performance as a whole, with special performances, warm and cheerful performances content to group dance and performed as the main dance forms. Spontaneously folding Many people spontaneously organized jump Square Dance activities, and even their own money to buy equipment, although no formal grounds, but their sound, laser lights and other equipment was readily available. In dance driven more and more people, and more people take the initiative to raise funds to purchase equipment. The team many people also take the initiative to see the video from the Internet to learn dance, even to the field "learn", after learning to teach you, so that kind of dance has become more and more. Participants admire obligation to teach the masses of people dancing, to the collective health and recreational activities, they are without remuneration, responsible for audio equipment with hardly absent, led the people of a city or even dancing. With the progress and development of society, Place culture as a social and cultural phenomenon, more and more people's attention. As an important form of cultural square square art, but was in the ascendant trend. The square dance features and significant changes in the performance area. Since the establishment of People's Republic of China, the Party and government attach great importance to the construction and development of the public culture. Especially in the later 1990s, the government established a number of cities above the county Cultural Square. Square dance major changes occur quietly, square dance from the countryside into the city, the construction of urban culture become indispensable content. Today's active square dancing in every corner of the motherland, and the landscape became the highlight of urban life. While giving the Square Dance new content. Because of the particularity of the square dance, entertainment fitness can play an unexpected role in making the entertainment square dance fitness as one of the city dance. The country from morning to night, can see the shadow of the square dance. In summary, the square dance contemporary dance into modern consciousness, behavior and form, thereby forming a modern square dance style. As people's consciousness, extensive participation and increase awareness of cultural square activities, square dance is increasingly subject to the community's concern and attention. Urban cultural life become indispensable form and content. At the same time, square dance along inheritance, innovation and development of healthy track to move forward at the same time, on a new attitude of the people for the 21st century a better life and other art forms play an active role can not be replaced. main effect Fitness Square Dance has a value of physical exercise, regular line dancing exercises, cardiovascular and respiratory systems can get a good workout, improve heart and lung function, accelerate metabolism, promote digestion, elimination of brain fatigue and mental stress, so as to enhance physical fitness, promote health, slow decline, improve the body's activity, good fitness role. Jianxin From a psychological perspective, people's attention is the mental activity on a certain object and focus point, that point to note is subject to constraints, dancing in the process, their attention focused on the inevitable enjoy elegant dance music, and rhythm along the inner emotional expression in dance, since the transfer of attention, can make the function of other parts of the body to adjust and get enough rest, so the sport can attend rehearsals eliminate tension and relieve stress, practitioners in the beautiful sounds of music and wonderful dancing, eliminating fatigue, cultivate the mind, to feel unpleasant emotions, so as to achieve the best state of mind. Brain From memory, past experience is reflected in the human brain. It includes memorizing, keeping, reproduction and recall four basic processes. In the form of image memory, the concept of memory, logic, memory, emotional memory, motor memory and so on. In the process of rehearsals not only to use the image memory, the concept of memory, but also the use of emotional memory and motor memory, and with increasing age, memory will decline at a very slow speed, which is a natural law, it is normal phenomenon. Through rehearsals and exercises to stimulate the brain continues to slow down memory loss physiological phenomenon, to achieve a good brain effect. Strong and handsome Square Dance practice is in the beautiful sounds of music melody, dance with the heart, the delicate dance of emotions injection, and superb artistry of the dance form and spirit consistent demonstration of a variety of dynamic and static posture, create a variety of a wonderful combination of mood, reflecting the attitude of the United States, the United States shape, creating a sports and arts, health and strength combined with a high degree of mood, to influence people to enjoy the beauty of art. Thus, the square dance practice to form, posture, health and other aspects of higher demand, often participate in rehearsals to practice is a good physical training, improve the coordination of the human body, in various parts of the body muscles strong and increase bone mineral density, a very positive role in bodybuilding
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wow cultural dance is the passion of every citizen
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That's a fascinating dance culture!
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I want to learn dances of different culture.. looks very nice