Negative Experiences Selling on eBay

United States
August 16, 2016 7:07pm CST
To anyone on here that's an eBay seller. Do you feel eBay has turned against sellers. First, they take away our right to leave negative feedback. If the buyers a scammer, feedback was at least a way to let other sellers know this. A lot of times, the buyer is given complete control over transactions and can return items or request refunds for any reason, even when the item is described exactly. You can describe clothes with size or measurements, flaws noted, etc. Buyer states item is not as described, or doesn't fit(tho it's their fault), they get a refund. They can say it was damaged during transit, show pictures of the item, which turns out, it looks nothing like yours, or show no proof at all, yet they get a refund. There's times where eBay & PayPal sides with buyer, even when there's proof the buyer is lying, example buyer states they didn't receive the item & you have a delivery confirmation. Had this happen recently. I also had a person with private feedback state they didn't get a book, years ago before I started getting confirmation numbers, before they were free. I really doubt it was lost in the mail and figured this is why some buyers have private feedback. After that I never allowed bidders with private feedback to bid on my auctions and usually block their bids. In the end though I have to say I've been lucky so far, most my buyers have been great. It's eBay's fees and and limitations that tick me off. There's so many stories of eBay limiting accounts for stupid reasons. Now I know there are some bad sellers out there, but there's very few bad sellers compared to the honest ones, and bad sellers that are scammers usually are quickly eliminated. Has anyone quit selling on eBay because of how much eBay has changed (negatively)towards sellers, or because of how drastically the fees have changed? Does anyone have any bad experiences with scamming buyers? Or bad experiences with scamming sellers, as well?
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• Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
17 Aug 16
I tried to sell a few things on Ebay. Never made any $$$. I'm not surprised to hear about all these changes you listed. There is so much competition from new "sell your stuff" apps.
@1creekgirl (13654)
• United States
17 Aug 16
Ebay has been a buyer's market for quite a while now. I seldom sell on there anymore. By the time Ebay and PayPal take their fees, there's not much profit left.
• Jacksonville, Florida
17 Aug 16
I once had a huge business on eBay. I was selling all around the world, and had an extensive product line. But with all the changes, and unfair things they let the buyers get away with, my business went belly-up. It was just too stressful to seel there. The only thing I do regret is the exposure it gave me. I can't find that kind of exposure selling anywhere else, even on Amazon.
@irishidid (8727)
• United States
17 Aug 16
My daughter sells on eBay and has been fairly successful at it. I know others have had less than stellar experiences with both selling and buying.