Why do people keep and maintain cars built in the thirties, forties and fifties?

@franxav (5433)
August 17, 2016 12:52pm CST
These are the days of F1car races. I wonder why people keep cars built in the 30's or 40's and keep them running as well.b
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• Austin, Texas
26 Aug 16
In America, Old Classic Cars = Wise Investment Choice. Old cars, coins, gold, jewelry, etc. It's how people invest their money. There is definitely a lot of money in it!
• United States
20 Aug 16
For me, I like seeing the better quality and sturdiness of automobiles back then. They may not have been as gas efficient back then, but they sure lasted a long time unlike these newer/latest models and makes.
@just4him (124202)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
17 Aug 16
People like older cars and to have one and keep it running has a status all it's own that only those who own them understands fully. I don't own one, but I see them and there was an antique car show this past month near me.
@marlina (76681)
• Canada
17 Aug 16
The answer is very simple: they love those cars!
@louievill (19349)
• Philippines
17 Aug 16
It's like asking why do we have museums? Or why not demolish the pyramids or the Parthenon and build modern structures based on modern technolgy.
@Happy2BeMe (74975)
• Canada
17 Aug 16
They are worth a lot of money and a rare find in some cases. I love older cars from way back. My wish is to someday buy one and redo it. To each their own. Everybody has different likes and interests.
@skysnap (17960)
17 Aug 16
I think the more old and the rare the value of those things is good. :)