Another things about Ads... For Site Owner's Consideration

@tallawah (9583)
Kingston, Jamaica
August 27, 2016 5:01pm CST
There was a time when a writer was ordered "Do Not Click On Your Own Ads!" This is because many of the Ads were clickable. They were clickable because the product or service offered was something you Wanted. For example, a bargain rate on Tablets or Iphones or clever Tee Shirts, or a gift box of chocolates. On one site I had to use a proxy to log into the site, create another user, post an item, so that I looked like a real person and could go to my page and order what I knew someone close to me would adore, (it was a bag of lucky charms... all sorts of cute silver charms). Yes. That was Then. This is Now. Now no one clicks on ads, the majority don't see the Ads as they've gotten their handy dandy Ad Block prog, and even if someone saw the there anything there you remotely want? You see where I'm going, right? If owners could find companies advertising things that people WANT then people would click on the Ads. The Advertisers would make Money. The Site would Make Money. The viewers would not block ADS. Everyone of us has missed a birthday, a graduation, an anniversary a whatever... and we were like...sitting there feeling what can we do? Maybe we went rushing to Ebay or Amazon or somewhere to get something, anything and then lie a little... when the gift reaches a day or two or three... Late. Imagine if there were advertisers on our page advertising things we would actually buy. Then, for example, we see that clever item we know Aunt Sonia, or Cousin Winston, or Mom or Dad or Kid would like, and we realise... Tomorrow is Punky's Birthday! And we click, order, pay and feel good. So Owners, maybe if you'd get those great ads for stuff we want and put that on the site... not in prose blocking pop up, or encroaching boxes, but neatly placed on the right hand side of the screen... you'd get a lot of clicks and you'd make more money.
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