Always wear rubber gloves when using chemicals.

@millie02 (6728)
United Kingdom
August 28, 2016 4:29am CST
This morning I was using Zoflora to clean out my dustbin when I accidently spilled some on my hand. I quickly washed it off with water and hopefully no harm has been done. I must remember in future to always wear rubber gloves when using cleaning products as many of them can cause skin irritations.
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@jaboUK (52063)
• United Kingdom
28 Aug 16
I quite often use Zoflora and never use gloves. I'm sure I must have got some on my hands sometimes and I've never had a reaction.
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@scheng1 (24850)
• Singapore
28 Aug 16
Fortunately you manage to wash them off quickly enough. Personally I am more worried about the chemicals getting into my eyes than my hands. If it gets into the eyes, it is nearly impossible to get it out completely without a visit to the doctor. I always forget to put on the glasses when handling chemicals.
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@Corbin5 (89076)
• United States
28 Aug 16
Wise advice for us all. Rubber gloves are the way to go when cleaning with possibly irritating substances.
@JustBhem (26340)
• Davao, Philippines
28 Aug 16
Good thing you washed it right away. Other solutions are very prickly or painful.
@shubhu3 (14202)
• New Delhi, India
28 Aug 16
You must always be very cautious while using chemicals.
@egdcltd (6030)
28 Aug 16
One of the nastiest cases I've personally seen was someone who had their arm in a protective covering up to their shoulder. They'd stuck their arm down a toilet to clean it, not realising that someone had poured some nasty cleaning chemicals down it first - might have been acid. Took most of their skin off I think.
@shivamani10 (11156)
• Hyderabad, India
28 Aug 16
yes. One should make it a point to wear gloves whenever such cleaning products are used. People sometimes have an infection even with washing powders and other cleaning products. Moreover, they should always be away from the normal reach of Children.
@skysnap (17489)
28 Aug 16
True safety first has to be the motto.
@responsiveme (14290)
• India
28 Aug 16
Also if you wash dishes but the gloves make the task tough.
@louievill (17141)
• Philippines
28 Aug 16
That is good practice, some chemicals not only irritate but some could penetrate the skin into the blood stream. The only down side of gloves sometimes is it's uncomfortable and the fingers lose sensitivity
• Kolkata, India
28 Aug 16
Its a must !!
@nomus24g (18406)
• India
28 Aug 16
thats gears should be respected as its for our own betterment
@TRBRocks420 (66756)
• Banks, Oregon
28 Aug 16
I try to always make sure to wear gloves too, because it can be dangerous, but I also don't like the feel of gloves.