Scamadviser... and the comments

@tallawah (9332)
Kingston, Jamaica
September 5, 2016 8:17am CST
I've been on writing sites going back to 2006; the date many were born. I was in the first or second batch of users for many sites. There was no 'scamadviser' then and what happened is that people who had been ripped off would complain on forums and on other sites. They'd write articles about their experiences and there'd be comments following. People would complain, if ripped off AND living in the U.S., to their state's Attorney General or to the FBI. Many scammers to protect themselves began to set up their 'company' in another country, and use an American I.P. Over the years the scammers have gotten better. They know the most important part of their scam are 'people just like you' who will log onto similar sites and post: "Join This Site! I Was Paid Three Times!" These persons, generically called 'Shills' ,work to insure they bring in Fresh Blood. For every scam from Bernie Madoff to Bubblews has relied on its Shills. These scams survived and thrived because people 'just like you' would exalt them to the sky. The average person, whether they've been on a site from 2006 (Hubpages) or just joined a site in 2016 (mylot) will not Shill. Put it simply, when you don't Own the sites you write for, when you have no access to their financial records, How Do You Know the Site is legit? The Word is KNOW. My integrity is important to me. I have never 'touted' a site, I have never given my 'referral' code to anyone. This is because I am not a Judas Goat, leading sheep to the slaughter. I say all this in reference to comments left on Scamadviser (all answered by the owner of tinycent) praising the site to the sky. I have checked most sites with Scamadviser, (as well as general checks in searches) and one rarely finds 'glowing' reviews. One will find complaints, and maybe one or two...."I joined SITE and so far I have been paid" because normal people do not jeopardise their good name by raving about anything they don't control. To read the hysterical gushes on Scamadviser, (written by the Same People Who Shill for the site HERE) make me even more sceptical than were I to see a blank comment page. If you think about your life; the products you buy, the services you use, the only time you mention them is in a complaint setting. Praising a business or product is usually ; "They were always nice to me..." or "I have no complaints". No one will rush up to me... "Shop At General Foods! They are the Best Supermarket in the Area!" No one will begin shouting; "Buy Devon House Ice Cream!" This only happens on commercials and when people ARE PAID to bring in customers. For real people don't behave that way. Not unless they have something to get.
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@Corbin5 (116393)
• United States
5 Sep 16
Humans seem to be gift with the ability to scam and be scammed. A shame we must always be alert to those who want to do us wrong.
@tallawah (9332)
• Kingston, Jamaica
5 Sep 16
What hurts the most is that other people will try to lead us to slaughter. That they were paid doesn't mean you or I will be paid.
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