Using an Ad Blocker

@tallawah (9984)
Kingston, Jamaica
September 8, 2016 5:29pm CST
If you've ever tried to use an Ad Blocker, you'll find some odd little events. You'll go onto Facebook and see like 100 ads were blocked. You'll see how many ads an average page may hold; some over 20. Some sites will tell you to deactivate the blocker if you want to view their page and so you'll close their page. After you do this a few times you sort of chuckle to yourself, because not only won't they even get your view, their advertiser is wasting their money. Yes, I know ads are vital for a writing site as this one. I know they are vital for all the free pages that we see, but let us consider; When we watch T.V. the ads don't obliterate the program. They will intrude into it, and there will be 'commercial breaks' but they don't block the program. In newspapers and magazines, (hard copy) they make the ads so nice you want to look at them. Vanity Fair is at least 90% ads; but they are nice. So you look at the shoes and the bags, and the nice dress, and the skin cream; and maybe you buy the product. Online it is as if we are inmates in a cyber prison, forced to view things we are totally disinterested in, which are presented in a repugnant manner, and that a pop up blocking a page does not impel you to view the product, but to shut the window. If those who advertised on the Net did it better then people wouldn't need to protect themselves with Ad Blockers.
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