The Clown Series (testing a site's credibility)

@tallawah (8726)
Kingston, Jamaica
September 8, 2016 7:55pm CST
A few years ago a writing site came up. I don't recall the exact name, I'll just call it 'Pals'. Being in one of those ridiculous moods, I joined it under a pseudonym and began to write my Clown Series. I have never been a clown in a circus. In fact, I don't like clowns. The few times I went to the circus I looked at the animals and the tightrope walkers. However, not sure if the site was legit, not in the mood to find some item I'd written and published elsewhere and do a savage rewrite, I began my Clown series. I began to write about being a clown in the circus. I was making it up as I went along and cracking up so badly I couldn't type for minutes on end. I was writing items on 'Picking the Right Costume', "Going to Clown School..." I went on and on, item after item, enjoying every second. I reached the pay out and put in for it. I waited and waited, and actually got $2.00 before the site went down. Considering the items were really worth nothing, I did pretty well. So, when you are not sure about a site, write fiction. You can pretend you are anyone, from an Actor to an Astronaut, from a Zoo keeper to a Zither player. If the site is legit and stays up, and pays on time, then maybe you can actually write something that has some value.
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@GardenGerty (100309)
• United States
9 Sep 16
If I am on a site that is doubtful, I write light stuff, but I would never work so hard as to write fiction. I do not put real effort in and I do not share stuff that is meaningful to me.Here on myLot, people know me, and know about me. I have even met other Lotters, as myLot is real.Funny thing is, I have been a gospel clown and would do it again. I did go to one clown school workshop taught by Priscilla Mooseburger and the makeup section was led by Frosty, both of Ringling Bros. Remember the lines around a clown's eyes are called tears and he paints them on to take on the sorrows of the world, so that the world may smile for a while.
@tallawah (8726)
• Kingston, Jamaica
9 Sep 16
That is so interesting! Let me tell you... I was not working hard... it was sort of a prank. I was enjoying myself...