The Purse (A Poem)

@zebra2222 (5170)
United States
September 13, 2016 12:38am CST
What's inside your purse? Do you really want to know? Let's take a peek inside. It's time for tell and show. Of course we start with a wallet And car keys are in it as well. There's a jar of mayonnaise And an enormous school bell. There are checks inside your purse. And bills from 2008. There are Christmas cards and Birthday Cards. And a card from a former date. There are bananas in your purse. That's very strange to see. Oh look, see what you've found. It's a golf ball and a tee. There are tissues in your purse. Also, a fork, a spoon, and a knife. There is a diary in your purse That's a story of your life. Yes, there are many things in your purse. Say look, there's a photo of me. Ah that's not very flattering Showing me stuck up in a tree. Purses contains gems galore. There are treasures yet unexplored. If you spend the day going through your purse, I promise that you won't be bored.
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@Happy2BeMe (74936)
• Canada
13 Sep 16
That pretty much described the contents of my You just never know what you will find.
@MattMeng (3289)
• Hangzhou, China
13 Sep 16
Wonderful poem, thanks for your sharing.
@ilocosboy (37411)
• Philippines
13 Sep 16
nice written of poem here.