Time to eat pecans!

@EddieHands (37845)
United States
September 13, 2016 5:51pm CST
Yes yesterday we bought these very tasty pecans. Well I am going to eat some now. I will be back on the laptop tonight. But for now it is pecans time. And time to cook pasta... meow!!!!
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@MattMeng (3261)
• Hangzhou, China
14 Sep 16
The pecans must be rather delicious.
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@marguicha (94457)
• Chile
13 Sep 16
I love pecans
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@JohnRoberts (56794)
• Los Angeles, California
2 Nov 16
Nuts for a nut!
@rina110383 (24135)
21 Sep 16
How's your PC by the way? Does it still produce loud noise?
@Ronrybs (7299)
• London, England
14 Sep 16
I keep some pecans handy. I don't eat them everyday, but they are a nice treat
@jstory07 (66977)
• Roseburg, Oregon
14 Sep 16
You know what is good. Brownies with pecans in them.
@Happy2BeMe (74744)
• Canada
13 Sep 16
Enjoy your pasta and pecans and we will see you around later.