The greatest cars Invented.

Virginia Beach, Virginia
September 29, 2016 8:58pm CST
When I look at the latest cars that are being made in today's world its kind of scary to even think about purchasing a car, or even a new truck for the fact what I have been seeing so far these cars are not made of anything, I mean when you see one car get hit I mean the car looks like a piece of paper, where is the stability? Where is the metal that these cars where made from? I remember my mom had one of those big cars that could fit a lot of people and the trunk had so much room 10 people could fit in there, I think the name of the car was a cordoba, and we use to ride in that car all the time. But the cars that are made today every time I drive down the interstate I see a car bumper here and there and everywhere, "I'm like really? this is crazy but yet the car companies want to charge you a arm and a leg for a car. Where are all of the safe cars? if you have a safe car that has been in an accident and can still maintain then please share.
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