Give your opinion! Every vote counts! + See the promo!!

Kansas City, Missouri
October 4, 2016 11:34pm CST
The CNKT app/site it always looking for more users to give their own personal opinion on various topics. Or you can create your own topics, and other users will give their opinion. There are tons of different quieries (polls/questions).. answer the ones you feel strongly about! Every vote counts!! If enough votes are brought in on a certain topic, it can be brought to the attention of who it may concern!! The promo: If you sign up, and answer at least 150 questions (should take about 10 mins), you are eligable to be paid $5. Though, even after you're paid, your encouraged to continue to use the app, as everyones opinion matters, all the time! Just go to your app market and type in "CNKT" or go to your web brower and enter the address (no referral link)
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1 response
@ms1864 (6976)
• Bangalore, India
5 Oct 16
So they only pay the first time?