Does the new google pixel phone spy on you?

@EddieHands (37792)
United States
October 6, 2016 8:52am CST
Do you think smart phones spy on us? I know google search does. You can stop this with proxies or using other search engines. But what about if you talk to the phone and it knows everything about yet yes your personal life? They give unlimited storage for pics and videos. But on their servers. How can I be sure my pics will be private. I would not trust google home in my house. The only good thing about google phone is the virtual reality thing. But then again I can get vr from other game companies. Can I really trust my private life with a company caught spying and not standing up for freedom? Why would I pay 600 dollars to have a company spy on me? They are lucky I use droid. But pixel. I think I can't trust you sorry and you a I is not that smart. I am smarter!
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