The Floating Candle

@RasmaSandra (21216)
Daytona Beach, Florida
October 30, 2016 6:13pm CST
No one but no one wanted to enter the Old Plantation. The large estate and house had been named the Old Plantation many years ago. At one time it was a prosperous place and everyone lived a good life on this estate. Then once times changed and centuries passed suddenly no one could find out who the property belonged to and so the Old Plantation remained fully furnished and empty. It stood on the outskirts of a mid-sized city in the U.S. called River Town, Illinois. Most of the people in town had small businesses which still prospered and almost all of the rest of the residents worked at the River Town Mall which had been built in the city’s old grazing fields. The mall was what kept the city going and the just recently built amusement park had started bringing in tourists in the summer time. Everything was prospering in River Town and the residents were wondering if they should get people interested in the fact that they had a genuine haunted house in their midst. The Old Plantation was getting spookier as time went on. During the nights people who gazed upon the house through the wrought iron gates and fence which surrounded it could see strange lights in the windows. On full moon nights there seemed to be shadows moving past the house. The town’s children especially the boys always were daring one another to explore the house but so far no one had actually tried getting into the house. Then as Halloween approached a group of four boys Peter, Tommy, Mike, and Billy made a pact that on Halloween night they would try to get into the house. Came Halloween and the boys went trick or treating and when it was midnight they hurried over to the Old Plantation. They got in through the gate and slowly approached the house. It was quiet and still and they were so very afraid. Mike found an open door in the back of the house and they entered. All of them had flashlights. The door led into the kitchen. It was one of those old-fashioned kitchens. Large and cavernous with old fashioned stoves and a long, wooden table in the middle. Mike tried to switch on the light in hopes the electricity would work but of course it didn’t. They were left to roam around the large house with just the light from their flashlights. It was then that they heard a low moooaaannning sound. The four eight year old boys looked at one another wide eyed. For a moment they thought of running back out of the door but curiosity held them in place. They moved on out of the kitchen and into the hallway. There was that moooaaannning once again. There was a large, grand staircase leading up into pitch darkness and suddenly a light appeared at the top. The boys stared up the stairs and trembled. Down came a lighted candle in a candle holder just floating on down the stairs. There were never quicker feet than those of the boys running out of that house. Followed by the sound of loud, evil laughter. Afterwards it became official the Old Plantation House was haunted its owners and whatever other spirits had decided to make their home there wandering about but didn’t bother the living. It did bring in ghost hunters and tourists and became the hotel of choice in River Town ghosts and all. Oh, yes and the best attraction of all was that floating candle and evil laughter that you could count on. It occurred every midnight on the main staircase. Let me know how you like my spooky story just for Halloween time.
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