Mini Movie Review: "A Prince for Christmas" (2015)

@JohnRoberts (56715)
Los Angeles, California
November 23, 2016 8:54am CST
There always has to be a Christmas movie about an incognito prince finding true love with a poor American girl. “A Prince for Christmas” was televised on Ion Television but all intents and purposes is Hallmark Channel fare. Prince Duncan of some made up European country is unhappy about his arranged marriage to take place on Christmas day. The Queen insists it is sacred duty while the King is more sympathetic to his son’s plight. Duncan sneaks out of the palace and ends up seemingly wandering about in upstate New York. He loses direction, cracks up his rental car and stranded for a night in the small town of Aurora. One look at Emma and he is a goner. Emma owns a failing diner and is worried about paying for her sister’s education. She dreams of seeing the world but refuses to marry for money in her rebuke when the local rich guy proposes. Duncan calls himself David and planned on leaving on the train after one night but just cannot get himself to leave. No surprise there as he is entranced. Emma is completely charmed by his accent and courtly manners. The usual romantic trappings ensue with a jealous suitor and revealed identity. These plots are an escape from reality into a world when fairy tales come true. The best known cast members are Maxwell Caulfield (star of long ago ill fated “Grease 2”) and Kelly LeBrock (“The Woman in Red” herself) playing the King and Queen. “A Prince for Christmas” is routine fare. Rewritten from a deleted post on Persona Paper
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@Ronrybs (7299)
• London, England
24 Nov 16
We have just had the Princess in disguise, now it is the Prince. I take it the arranged marriage is history?
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• United States
23 Nov 16
I don't care for the 'prince/king/queen/princess' movies - Christmas or otherwise.
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@LoriAMoore (4804)
• United States
25 Nov 16
The girl usually gets mad when she finds out the true identity of the suitor.
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@teamfreak16 (41152)
• Colorado Springs, Colorado
23 Nov 16
Sounds like Eddie Murphy's Coming to America!