Stupidity At Its Finest? Or Just Being Young?

By Dex
@Dextoi (2424)
December 1, 2016 12:03am CST
Let me rant here for a minute or so... Working in the library can be stressful when students miserably fail at reading what’s written on the door upon entry. 80 percent of the time, they push the door when it says “PULL”. Sadly, some faculty and staff are no exception… Inside our library sections, we just allow paper, pen and pencil to be brought in. But we also allow laptops and their valuables, of course. However, most of the students don’t know the difference between a laptop bag and a laptop! I am lost for words…
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@toniganzon (53706)
• Philippines
2 Dec 16
Hey there ranter! CHILL!
@LadyDuck (189523)
• Switzerland
1 Dec 16
I do not believe it's an age factor, I see people trying to push the doors almost all the time, even if there is a big sign saying "PULL".
@hereandthere (33459)
• Philippines
1 Dec 16
i think most of us have that instinct when faced with a door - to push it. isn't there an area near the entrance where they're required to deposit their bags and belongings?
@SIMPLYD (86668)
• Philippines
1 Dec 16
I agree on the Pull signage . Even here at the office that is always not being done .
@skysnap (18271)
1 Dec 16
I am guessing age factor.
@Julie555 (2548)
1 Dec 16
HappensI think it`s a matter of youth