Brilliant Just Brilliant

@RasmaSandra (16662)
Riga, Latvia
December 1, 2016 1:35pm CST
Santa was so tired He was giving the naughty and nice list Just one more look through There were toy inspections To be had Elves to be reprimanded and reindeer to give pep talks to Santa sat by his PC Mumbling to himself, ”Brilliant just brilliant.” A couple of ho, ho, ho’s and even some no, no, no’s It was in this state That Mrs. Claus found him There were Christmas cookie baking problems and she needed some advice So there she stood before the desk While Santa mumbled and grumbled, ”Brilliant just brilliant” Well when the Mrs. Said that the electric oven Had a problem and Santa Replied simply ”Brilliant just brilliant.” They had a very fine conversation indeed ”You know all the Christmas cookies burned.” ”Brilliant just brilliant.” ”The elves are going on strike.” ”Brilliant just brilliant.” ”Rudolph’s nose went out.” ”Brilliant just brilliant.” ”They’re predicting the storm of the century.” ”Brilliant just brilliant.” ”My parents are coming for the holidays.” ”Brilliant just brilliant.” ”You are an old fool.” ”Brilliant just brilliant.” and with that Mrs. Claus left the room Slamming the door behind It was at that moment that Santa Lifted up his head and he said ”Wonder what she wanted?”
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@JudyEv (119172)
• Bunbury, Australia
2 Dec 16
Poor Santa! Brilliant just brilliant.
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1 Dec 16
That was cute! I loved it.
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@JohnRoberts (52369)
• Los Angeles, California
1 Dec 16
Santa better make sure Mrs. Claus is happy or else a very cold winter.
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@Happy2BeMe (74410)
• Canada
1 Dec 16
lol brilliant just brilliant!
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@topffer (33290)
• France
1 Dec 16
Better for him to have not heard : it seems that things are not going very well for Santa this year. Brilliant discussion
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