Time to make warm drinks it's cold today!

@EddieHands (37800)
United States
December 2, 2016 4:40pm CST
Time to make some warm tea, and then other warm drinks. It is very cold today. I want to just drink some cold stuff and relax. the wind is hard and cold today also. I wanted to take a walk, but it is still way to cold to be outside.
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@Tina30219 (36654)
• Onaway, Michigan
2 Dec 16
I agree cold weather time is coming. I think after dinner I will make me a mug of hot green tea or a mug of candy cane hot chocolate.
• Sumter, South Carolina
2 Dec 16
Omg , I Have Never Heard of Candy Cane Hot Chocolate ! That Is Definitely Something I Want To Look Into . It Sounds Good ..
@rina110383 (24069)
3 Dec 16
It's also cold here now.
@JohnRoberts (65265)
• Los Angeles, California
3 Dec 16
I like to drink hot chocolate on cold days.
@allen0187 (34149)
• Philippines
3 Dec 16
Enjoy your warm tea!
@Happy2BeMe (75409)
• Canada
3 Dec 16
Stay warm my friend.
• Sumter, South Carolina
2 Dec 16
I Do Not Drank Tea . Tea Tastes Weird To Me . But I Do Like Other Warm Drinks . It Is Indeed Time For The Warm Drinks . I Like Drinking Hot Chocolate or Cappuccino .
@Asylum (48223)
• Manchester, England
2 Dec 16
Warn drink? Surely tea or coffee should be a hot drink?