December 8, 2016 – (grumble) Today's The Day

@freak369 (5019)
United States
December 8, 2016 5:54pm CST
I am usually up when the clock flips and a new day starts at Neopets but I was exhausted and passed out. No food or books today but it was the “Rod of Supernova” day. It's happened almost ever year but it sure freaks out the noobs. Enjoy seeing it on the prize page because soon after the Pant Devil ends up stealing it. Today we all received 599NP, Lost Desert Diamond Ring (Gift) and Amiras Staff (Desert Weapon). I am still a sucker fr edibles and one-time-use items but it's still way too early into the event to cheer or jeer about the things that were given out. TNT is making us work fr the bonus Fir prize that you can claim if you are quick enough to click on it. If you miss it you can re-watch the video and try again. I always g after the bonus prize first then claim the regular prizes fr the day. I got the book Snows of Neopia which is still selling in the 3K range on the Shop Wizard. Photo @ Neopets. Used with permission
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