I'm just a lazy cat!

@EddieHands (32390)
United States
December 29, 2016 8:44pm CST
Why am I lazy Because I have worked hard. Every job I had was hard. Long hours no real money. Then I got a gig working from home making easy money. Big money. But i lost that gig. Then I had a run with a couple companies. I am not just lazy. I just think why work super hard for less money? When I can just sit in my chair.. and make more. I am going to take a nap now.. I am lazy cat! meow
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@JohnRoberts (39197)
• Los Angeles, California
30 Dec
Bad kitty! Time to earn!
@rina110383 (21957)
30 Dec
Have a great nap.
@yukimori (8542)
• United States
30 Dec
You know, if you really make that much being lazy, why not put in a bit of hard work for a year or two or three? Get your investment accounts lined up, let compound interest work its magic, and retire way earlier than everybody else dreams is possible!
@MissNikki (2459)
• Canada
30 Dec
Sounds like you deserve a bit of "lazy time"
@MGjhaud (20810)
• Philippines
30 Dec
I feel lazy today too. I'm a bit sick since yesterday morning and i don't have an appetite to eat anything.
@PatZAnthony (11728)
• Charlotte, North Carolina
30 Dec
Naps are such a great thing! We should have have at least a few each day.