Accra, Ghana
January 4, 2017 5:48am CST
Why is it that we don't have the right to ask any question we want and get an answer the way it's? Why do I need to do things the same way as others? Why there is restriction of what you want to do when you know you can do more than that. We need to fall out from the box before we can be free and express ourselves? Should I always be on the line when I don't feel it? Now my biggest question is should I fight it alone to make it before people will notice what I am saying or do?
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@pl13ur (35)
4 Jan 17
Fight alone. No one needs an army but the weak pray on an army because they can't fight by themselves
• Accra, Ghana
4 Jan 17
OK, I see. So it's best that Bill Gates drop out of college to make it in life and the same way as Mark the facebook owner???