Something Wrong Pops Up When I Open "In a Stranger's Hand?" Post

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@dodoazo (21641)
January 10, 2017 10:47pm CST
I have friend here in myLot who suggested "In a Stranger's Hand?" post. When I clicked it went weird. There were several redirections to various ads sites. Have you noticed it too? My antivirus program has alerted me about this site which is "Potentially unwanted content found". I have screenshot this notice of my antivirus protection. See the above alert message of it from my antivirus app. I have not gone this far if for the first click, second, third it has normally opened. But I would repeat: it kept on redirecting and ads keep on popping up. Thus, this concerned is brought up here for other may have experienced it too.
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11 Jan 17
Not yet.. Better not open them.
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@cahaya1983 (10037)
• Malaysia
11 Jan 17
Haven't gotten such alerts for myLot disccusions, but I hope @owlwings ' explanation helps to clear things out for you.
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@magallon (18104)
• Philippines
11 Jan 17
IT's good that you have an antivirus app.
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@LadyDuck (182873)
• Switzerland
11 Jan 17
Since myLotBugs has modified the code to prevent redirection I never had this kind of problem. I suspect that the problem is inside your computer (or browser). If you post the link I can check further, it's hard to find a discussion not having the link here. OKAY, I found the post and I have no problem at all opening it.