The Last Farewell

@RasmaSandra (20412)
Daytona Beach, Florida
January 16, 2017 6:42pm CST
Today with the snow still all around put me in a thoughtful mood. I started thinking of all the farewells I have had in my life. I then realized that not always farewell means good-bye forever. I do miss my friends in the states especially those that I grew up with. However we do exchange e-mails and I know that some day we will see each other again. I have often expressed the wish to be able to see the places where I grew up back in the states and I am convinced that I will have the chance to do that. The song that made me think about all this is “The Last Farewell” and the version I like the best is by Elvis. The song is from 1971 and was written by British-Kenyan folk singer Roger Whittaker. Do you believe that not all farewells are good-byes forever more? Have you met people again that you never though you would see any more?
Sung By Elvis Presley Remixed by Dr. K. Made by Yvonne .D. Entjes
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@1hopefulman (33888)
• Canada
17 Jan 17
They don't call him the king for nothing! I had the song by Roger and it is a favorite song of mine. I didn't know that others covered the song. Doesn't farewell mean go well until we meet again, so one is hoping to meet again. Yes, I have run into people that I even had forgotten util I saw them again in an unexpected place.
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@JohnRoberts (65469)
• Los Angeles, California
17 Jan 17
Another Elvis dose!
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