Find time to play and have fun with your kids...

January 23, 2017 9:23pm CST
Parents often makes their self busy from work.In this is the reason why kids are longing for parents love and attention.Bringing them out to the park once a week is already a big thing for them. If not, try to play with them upon reaching home. It will not only strengthen your relationship but it will mark and remain in their heart and mind that they are special.
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24 Jan 17
Bieng a parents hard but if you saw your kids happy and for a little things that you gave to them they always says thank you and a simple word i love you,,thats the words make special even i am tired in working everyday ill make sure that i having a time for them to play that remain in their heart and mind that they are love and special,
@nomus24g (23635)
• India
24 Jan 17
yes, that's very important in kids growing years