Time for a walk.. then lunch!

@EddieHands (37814)
United States
January 30, 2017 3:18pm CST
I will take a quick walk.. then time to eat left over pasta.. it's cold inside. but it will get warm soon. I am worried about my Venus fly Trap plant. I am getting it warm, but I am also able to keep feeling fine by letting it just get more water... Blessings ! Have to always keep it wet.. meow!
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@RasmaSandra (19080)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
30 Jan 17
You and Harry just have to get used to one another. Take a look at this perhaps it will give you some ideas.
The Venus fly trap is an unusual plant that's native to the United States and thrives in a habitat where most other plants quickly perish. These intriguing carnivorous plants, with leaves that "snap" shut to trap insects, have grown in...
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@amadeo (70511)
• United States
30 Jan 17
keep the plant in the house there
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@Happy2BeMe (74975)
• Canada
30 Jan 17
Have a nice walk and enjoy your pasta. Hope it will warm up enough for your Venus Fly Trap.
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@allen0187 (33857)
• Philippines
31 Jan 17
Enjoy the walk and the pasta!
@JohnRoberts (61067)
• Los Angeles, California
30 Jan 17
Your Venus Fly Trap will not want pasta!
@rina110383 (24070)
30 Jan 17
So the Venus Fly Trap Plant cannot survive in a cold temperature?
@jstory07 (69221)
• Roseburg, Oregon
30 Jan 17
I hope the fly trap will get big and strong.