Should Nuclear Weapon Be Forever Ban In The World?

February 13, 2017 10:45am CST
North Korea would never stop testing any missile, ballistic or otherwise. It’s part of North Korea’s nuclear program. It seems that no one could stop them from doing so despite diplomatic protest in the past. The issue of nuclear proliferation and arms race has an impact to world peace and security. Despite various nuclear treaties in place, North Korea continues and will continue to disregard and violates such international agreement with impunity. How much does it cost for North Korea for the making and test-firing of ballistic missile? The money could be huge indeed. Instead of devoting to military spending the money could be used for some productive and humanitarian endeavors like education and health. As long as North Korea and other “rogue” nation continue with its nuclear program and experiment the possibility of World War III and nuclear holocaust for mankind will always be there. Asian countries and the rest of the world must not allow Kim Jong-un and North Korea to make Asia and the rest of the world his nuclear playground.
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• Austin, Texas
14 Feb 17
Banned? The weapons should have never been invented. But now that we have them, it can't be banned. Which nation that has nuclear weaponry is going to destroy their arsenal. NONE! So why even ask the question? We have all accepted the possibility of a nuclear holocaust. It's possible. Highly improbable. But very possible. It doesn't even need humans. There could be a computer malfunction that wipes out the planet. It's possible.
• Austin, Texas
10 Aug 17
Well a lot has happened in the just the few days That I wrote these statements. Now Americans have to wonder if Guam will be our next Pearl Harbor. Jesus Christ!! You profile indicates that you are located in Guam. Praying for you. Praying for US. Praying for the world!!
• United States
14 Feb 17
it should-a nuke is just overkill anyway.but you know some jerk is always gonna have one.that genie's out of the lamp now and probably forever.
• Guam
14 Feb 17
Yup the genie is indeed out of the lamp and we humans even created a Frankenstein Monster starting from the Atomic Bomb and its permutation down to the present age...
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@youless (94327)
• Guangzhou, China
10 Aug 17
Of course it is good to ban the nuclear weapon because it is a threat for all human beings. I really don't understand what's wrong with North Korea. Their people are already starving but the leader is still so crazy to become to be an enemy to every country. It is stupid.
@scheng1 (24741)
• Singapore
13 Apr 17
If North Korea uses the knowledge to build safe nuclear power plants to provide clean and cheap electricity to all the households, that will be better. Instead of doing that, they focus on nuclear weapon.