Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process:What Do You Think Is The Best Solution For A Lasting Peace?

February 17, 2017 1:07pm CST
"Make love not war!" and "Peace man" were the familiar catch phrase in the '60's. Fastforward to 2017: The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process comes again in the spotlight with the recent meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Pres. Donald Trump at the White House. They even held a Joint News Conference as icing on the cake for this event. Would a peace deal finally emerge under the Trump’s administration? Or all these just for show and just for the sake of the limelight of the cameras and reporters? When will the representative of the Palestinian People visit the White House to give or hear their views on the matter? Two approaches are offered: One-State Solution--- one single State in Israel, the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip or Two State Solution--- one State for the Jewish People and another State for the Palestinian People. Which do you think is the best solution between the two? Or there are other alternative solution? Without sounding pessimistic and cynical, I'm crossing my fingers with regards to any peace deal after all these years. Photo credit/Image source: photo courtesy of https:///@AZROIOTO/Israeli-Palestine-Conflict
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• Canada
19 Feb 17
As you know, a lot of the statements from the 60's like make love not war, and peace man, they often come from people not living with the realities of certain things like seeing loved one's killed, or having houses torn, they are very easy things for ppl on another country to say. The reality is, there is no simple solution, even with a one state or 2 state model because no matter what model one has, they are still dealing with individual people within those models who will not always agree and will not respect that, as well as other pressures of the environment which surrounds. As long as there is anger and hatred inside human beings, there will always be anger and hatred-Israel and Palestine are not unique in this matter, as war and civil unrest are problems which exist in other places.
• Guam
19 Feb 17
Thanks Hebrew Greek Studies for your exposition.
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@Hannihar (42037)
21 Dec
Hello Alex. My name is Hanni and I live in Israel. Wanted to get that out of the way before I answer your post. In 1948 we were given a little sliver of land and the Arabs would have gotten what they were offered. Instead of accepting they went to war against us and they have been doing it ever since. There is no peace process here. Us Jews want to live in peace but our enemies want us gone. They never will accept us and lie about wanting peace. Tell me, would you sit with those that just wanted to murder you and think if they were given their own State they would change. They want us gone. We have given them so much and they have not given anything in return and have sent missiles and bombed our cafes and buses and murdered our people. That is not a people that peace. There are those of us here in Israel that see the truth and know the truth but others do not.