How i end up eating beyond the limit i set

February 18, 2017 11:20pm CST
For 18 years i have maintained slim and trim body, but for past 2 years i have got bit fat. Although not awkward, but it certainly worries me. I had started exercising from previous month, but soon i found that exercises will only help me in long run, not immediately. So i decided to limit the food intake.But seeing the favourite food on the plate, i lose control and forget about everything and end up eating more than prescribed limit i had set. What i do ?.
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@traceh (427)
• Cape Town, South Africa
19 Feb 17
I know that feeling, the minute you decide that you want to eat less so you can lose a bit of weight, you tend to be around all the food you love the most and can't help yourself. Good luck hope you manage to reach your goal. Let me know if you find the secret I'm also planning to lose some weight, I'm a bridesmaid at a wedding in a few months and don't want to look like a big lump.
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19 Feb 17
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19 Feb 17
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19 Feb 17
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19 Feb 17
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