A Kernel Of Truth Is Easily Manipulated By The Media.

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February 20, 2017 8:17am CST
I wrote about an event and the reaction of some people to words said. What is interesting is how one piece in a puzzle can be interpreted in different ways. The reason for multiple sourcing is to make sure you have the most information to make a decision about the interpretation of 'News'. The problem is that people who want to believe something will only look at the kernels that support their view. The question is if a kernel makes the story true. Consider this: If I say I had corn for dinner last night would you think I meant one kernel or a serving of corn? If I had one kernel, I can still say I had corn but it is not the whole story. Before you believe something check out how much of it is the whole story. When I write about something I may only share one source but often I have viewed several different sources. Not all of them agree but in them there is often a piece of the bigger picture. How do you see the story you hear? Is it a one sided sourcing or do you hear more information and evaluate the whole?
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20 Feb 17
Nowadays and since I have become more aware Bernie, I research as much as I possibly can and that time will allow to check multiple sources before coming to some opinion or conclusion regarding what news or information is being disseminated. It is an absolute requirement for me today.
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@Corbin5 (119430)
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20 Feb 17
I rarely believe a story when first heard or read. I do the research necessary if I question what I am hearing or reading. After a while, it becomes easier to spot information that is not valid.
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