Goodnight Steve McQueen

@millie02 (6905)
United Kingdom
February 23, 2017 4:51am CST
This is the story of a guy who just happened to be called Steve McQueen because his mother had married a man whose surname was McQueen , and she was also in love with the actor of that name. Steve also liked to be known as Danny and only his true friends ever knew what his real name was. One day his long term girlfriend gave him an ultimatum `shape up or get out'. Danny had been a bit of a drifter because he always wanted to be a rock star, but by the age of 29, he was still playing in an amateur band for beer money. He had a part time job in a video shop, but this was not enough for his ambitious girlfriend who had a successful career and she was fed up with keeping the bills paid by herself. She was older than Danny, who was 29, and she was thinking along the lines of settling down in the future. All Danny really cared about was becoming a pop star. Alison gave Danny an ultimatum of getting his band sorted out, leaving the music industry for good and getting a proper job, or she would leave him. Up till then he had not taken the relationship seriously ,but once Alison had said her piece, he realised how much she meant to him. So he decided to go for it and try to make his band famous. ---- Goodnight Steve McQueen was written by Louise Wener in 2002. During the 1990s Louise was the lead singer in the Brit Pop band `Sleeper'
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@dramagirl26 (3334)
• Ringgold, Virginia
23 Feb 17
This sounds like an awesome book. I'll have to give it a try.
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@millie02 (6905)
• United Kingdom
24 Feb 17
I hope you enjoy it , like I did.