Hot - sunny - day !

March 3, 2017 10:57am CST
Oh! It was so hot. Today, I was walking on the way of my home after not getting any transport then. But after crossing some way, I was sweating as the sun was burning on my overhead! After getting rest for a while, I was then calm and felt good. Really it remind us about the hard life of the persons who work on the roadway especially rickshaw puller or the shopkeeper on the footpath or the persons who carry their goods for sell on the roadway. I salute them for their living!!
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• Philippines
3 Mar 17
Don't drink cold water it might give you brain stroke or something. Here in our country we had a cloudy day... I miss the sun but I hope tomorrow will be a brighter one. March got the best sunshine. Those workers are really doing the best that they can. In our country I wander how the traffic enforcer can take the summer sun... But I guess they can do it because it is for their dreams or for their families. The money that they earn there they save it for their love ones future. God bless... I salute them also... Those who are fair and honest in their job not to the bad ones.
• Bangladesh
3 Mar 17
Really they are doing the best that they can. May be traffic enforcer experience the best of it, daily - ! Thank you for your nice understanding to them !
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@reskyyandi (3689)
• Indonesia
7 Mar 17
In here is really cold, all is rainny