What Do You Miss In The City/Countryside

@stbrians (15900)
Kakamega, Kenya
March 20, 2017 10:22am CST
I stay in the countrydide. I miss the great civilization in the city. I miss all the bustle and hustles there. Everybody is in a hurry. When I was in the city I missed the smell of soil. I missed fresh air and greenness of the place. The innocence there is also something to go by. What do you miss in the city if you stay in the countryside? What do you miss in the countryside if you stay in the city?
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@Fishmomma (11446)
• United States
23 Mar 17
I miss milking animals and drinking fresh milk. Homemade cheese and churning butter. The smell of fresh hay and collecting eggs.
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@ptrikha_2 (10805)
• India
23 Mar 17
Well, if I go to countryside, my first thoughts are whether I will get a washroom clean and hygienic enough? In countryside, often washrooms are non-existent or not so clear. Secondly, Internet connection and mobile signals could be weak and may not even work in some places. However, I do get fresher air, and lesser pollution in the countryside. Also, foods and fruits/veggies look fresher. Lesser crowd also makes one relax a bit.