Ten Favorite Drunk/Hangover Songs: Drank So Much (Just Feel Stupid) (#5)

@FourWalls (15216)
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March 27, 2017 7:17pm CST
I'm taking a quick break from working my butt off in my music room to give you another song about the misadventures of having just a little too much at the bar. Here's the next song on my countdown. #5: Drank So Much (Just Feel Stupid) - Gear Daddies The Gear Daddies, a college rock band from Minneapolis, never had a really big career. Given that, I'm amazed at how many fans of theirs I bump into all over the country. I got to know them and their music when they did a stint opening for the BoDeans in 1991. I was impressed with their blend of country and rock, served with more than a dose of humor. For instance, their first album, Let's Go Scare Al, featured a cover photo of a clown. (Poor Al.) Then there's this song, that's, as with most of these songs in the countdown, a humorous look at getting sloshed. "I didn't go out planning to get this drunk," lead singer Martin Zellar sings in the second verse. The verses end with the admission, "I know tomorrow I'll regret all of these things I did." I drank so much I just felt sick and stupid once. That was enough. Drank So Much (Just Feel Stupid) Written by Martin Zellar Recorded by the Gear Daddies From Billy's Live Bait, 1990 Sometimes I swear I need a drink:
Gear Daddies live at Medina Ballroom 12/28/13
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@teamfreak16 (41409)
• Colorado Springs, Colorado
28 Mar 17
Yay, Gear Daddies! Proof that Minneapolis was more than just Prince.
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@JohnRoberts (62985)
• Los Angeles, California
28 Mar 17
Now I know what to spin at the next frat house party!
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