Do Riches Come With Happiness?

@stbrians (15896)
Kakamega, Kenya
April 10, 2017 6:20am CST
We feel money brings happiness. We strive day and night to be rich. "I will not die poor," is a common adage in my country. Do you think happiness comes with riches.
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@Morleyhunt (19263)
• Canada
10 Apr 17
I know people who are wealthy and live unhappy, discontented lives. I know people who are living in poverty, yet are happy and while looking to improve their situation are happy with the 'riches' they have. Money can not buy happiness.
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10 Apr 17
10 Apr 17
@HAPPSINGH thank you, it's probably better than Facebook for me
@Corbin5 (122359)
• United States
10 Apr 17
If happiness means feeling secure, then yes, riches can lead to a happy life.
@Kandae11 (40340)
10 Apr 17
In my opinion it does - but not always.
@owlwings (40006)
• Cambridge, England
10 Apr 17
Two different questions. Riches usually come with happiness (define "riches"?). Happiness does not necessarily come with economic sufficiency.
@scheng1 (24741)
• Singapore
10 Apr 17
It is good to be rich and happy. Happiness is more in your control. If you want to be happy, you will be happy, Riches depend on your ability, luck and opportunities. Best is to have both.
@Shavkat (66783)
• Philippines
10 Apr 17
Richness is to secure oneself. But money should not control us.