What do you think about bullying both cyberbulling & in person?

United States
April 12, 2017 2:31pm CST
Why is everybody always picking on me?!? Hi friends, I was bullied in High School. I felt threatened that if I didn't do some of these kids (punks) homework or at least help them, then they'd beat me up. Mainly it was verbal but I think I was pushed around a little but never beat up. Anyway, I'm a member of which is kinda like Facebook but for Neighborhoods/Communities. I saw a thread about bullying, whether cyber (online) or in person, etc. It was about a young lady who got pregnant & had the baby while attending a local high school. She was bullied big-time, mainly verbal. But one day when her Mom went to school to drop her off a group of girls looked like they were waiting for her, so the Mom got out and they ran toward the school. A response to this thread was that a lady's son also goes to that same high school & her son was threatened that these boys would beat him up. His parents got the other parents & police involved, having the guys suspended and letting them know there'd be more severe consequences if they didn't back off & behave! Visit https://www.stopbullying.gov/ for more.
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@salonga (27957)
• Philippines
13 Apr 17
They must suffer the consequences!There is a law against bullying and it must be implemented fully well.
@carebear29 (28629)
• Wausau, Wisconsin
12 Apr 17
i am against bullying