I make way more in my online store than on youtube and all my other sites!

@EddieHands (37763)
United States
April 26, 2017 2:21am CST
Yes I make the most now than all my other sites put together in my online store! If i knew sales where big money I would have started there. Btu I can still use youtube to push and sell products, and make more than the tiny bit i make off commericals. So I am excited about the future, and potential sales etc. Here is to the future and Blessings!
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@JohnRoberts (70435)
• Los Angeles, California
26 Apr 17
The cat is going to be eating caviar soon.
@dodo19 (34708)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
26 Apr 17
I am glad to hear that your sales are going well. I hope they continue to do so. Best of luck!
@rachael5760 (2748)
• Israel
26 Apr 17
The important part in on-line stores is what product you sell and who is your customer. Where do you find your customers? What part of the world do you live in? What do you sell?
@louievill (20715)
• Philippines
26 Apr 17
What do you sell?
@Simonsum (79)
• China
26 Apr 17
It is so excting to have new channels to market your products and improve sales. Wish you a great future. I really intersted that how you can use youtube to sell and push...it's amazing.
@jstory07 (74001)
• Roseburg, Oregon
26 Apr 17
I hope you make lots of sales.